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"And this," Topher said, swiping his ID badge against the sensor on the door that he and Victor had just arrived at, "is the surveillance room. For watching the test subjects mess up and stuff. It's kind of also a break room, 'cause most of us eat in there and there's a fridge and a popcorn popper, but its technical purpose is surveillance."

The badge sensor was lighting up red instead of green, and Topher frowned, swiping his card again. When it lit up red again, he paused and just tried the handle. It opened.

"Guess it isn't locked." Darn. He'd felt really cool swiping his badge everywhere. "Anyway, here it is."

The room did look a lot like a break room, in that it had a number of couches and it smelled like coffee, but the flatscreen video monitor that all the couches were facing was showing a feed of a flustered-looking thirty-something man in an orange jumpsuit firing portals at a wall. Most break rooms didn't have that kind of entertainment.

"So yeah," Topher said, flopping on a couch to watch. "Questions, comments, concerns? Want popcorn?"

[[for victor!]]

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"Sure," Victor said, snagging a handful as he flopped onto the couch. "So what is the dude trying to do?"

He'd been having a good weekend. Aperture was a little creepy, in a way that set off his possible-supervillain detection senses, but interesting.

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Victor nodded slowly, mentally mapping out what the man would have to do. Pres the button here, step on the light bridge there, add a fourth portal on that panel ...

It didn't seem hard to him. But he wouldn't want to do it with a merely human brain.

"What happens if the turrets get him?" he asked. "It's like a paintball thing and he's out?"

Date: 2013-06-30 07:01 pm (UTC)
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"Well, yeah, this is a pretty fancy set-up to test murderability," Victor said, surprised Topher was even making a point of it. "... unless your client is a supervillain, and I don't even think they have those here."

He was silently cheering on the test subject, who had almost made it across the hard light bridge.

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"I guess, if nobody's actually getting murdered," Victor mused. "But, like ... usually people talk about simulations being to make sure nobody can get murdered."

Date: 2013-07-01 12:21 am (UTC)
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Victor frowned, but decided to put his concern in the back of his mind. Topher wasn't always the best at explaining things; maybe there was a totally logical reason Aperture was making mock torture chambers and he just hadn't heard it yet.

"Sure, why not?," he said instead. "I don't think they call it murder, but ... whatever."

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"Yay," Victor agreed, with less sarcasm than Topher. "Is he it for today, or is somebody else coming in?"

He munched some more popcorn before answering the question. "I'm good," he said. "Like, genuinely just ... good. Got to put down these three stooges-y villains during Batman's final."
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"Yeah. Some tall guy in a mask and a cape," Victor explained. "There's another one who calls himself The Spirit."

Nowthat one seemed like a little much, but Batman hardly registered.

"And no -- he actually had, like, this real supervillain show up and kidnap him, and the mooks were working for the Joker. The supervillain." He swallowed. "I guess maybe the Joker and Batman are friends and planned the whole thing, but if they are they're still pretty awesome."

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Victor snickered, either in sympathy or because his sense of humor was just that lame. "Nobody died or even got maimed too bad. So that was nice."

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"It felt like everybody went, but I wasn't exactly counting noses," Victor said. "Though now I really wonder."

Date: 2013-07-01 06:38 pm (UTC)
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"Ai, you'd get mocked for months for that one," Victor agreed with a vigorous nod. "So glad you weren't there, man. No offense, but rescuing you would've cramped our style."


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