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Mostly copypasta and no new characters, but it seems to be about that time and everyone likes info posts, right?

Christopher "Topher" Andrew Brink | 17 | Dollhouse | [ profile] dollpocalypse

senior | 307 with his robot dog, Broca II, and Bay Kennish
programmer | neuro geek | amoral | obnoxious | Asperger's | genius
PB is Fran Kranz, recently seen in, uh, this thoroughly NSFW monstrosity with Gillian Jacobs
Billy Kaplan (♥) | Victor Mancha | Kenzi | Peter Wiggin

Alexander "Alec" Gideon Lightwood | 17 | The Mortal Instruments | [ profile] not_trivial

senior | 401 with Victor Mancha
demon hunter | archer | cat person | standoffish | logical | gay
his little sister Isabelle is coming to join him at Fandom this semester!
PB is Nicholas Hoult
movie of his canon is now in theaters
Isabelle Lightwood | Sparkle () | Natalie V. Adams

Gertrude "Gert" Sarah Yorkes | 16 | Runaways (Marvel 616) | [ profile] arsenicmauls

junior | 229 with her 87th-century deinonychus, Old Lace, and Madeline Berry
grouchy | snarky | child of dead supervillains | psychic link to a dinosaur
going to die in 2014
PB is Mae Whitman
Bay Kennish | Karolina Dean | Jim Kirk | Victor Mancha | Jessica Drew

April Roberta Ludgate | 20 | Parks and Recreation | [ profile] hatesmoststuff

Caritas bartender and Furnado Animal Shelter assistant manager | MCA #3 with her three-legged pit bull, Cliff, and all of Jono's pets too
deadpan | unfriendly | often drunk | animal lover
PB is Aubrey Plaza
Jono Starsmore | Jack Priest | Sarah/Electroclash | Priestly | Eric Northman | Ron Swanson

Specialist Samantha Traynor | 26 | Mass Effect 3 | [ profile] playsforkepesh

Portalocity office manager | 16 Unicorn
flaily | comm specialist | nerd | allergic to everything | lesbian | into robots
from the planet Horizon | of mixed-race but partially Indian descent | British accent
will save the galaxy's prize warship with a toothbrush one day
PB is Freida Pinto
Éponine Thenardier | Kaidan Alenko

Dr. Robert Bruce Banner | 42 | The Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe) | [ profile] gotacondition

teacher | 33 Apocalypse with Jack Priest, Josh Lyman, Kaidan Alenko and Emma Frost
socially anxious | nuclear physicist | genius | also the Hulk | angry
PB is Mark Ruffalo
Clint Barton | Natalie V. Adams

Wesley Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce | 21 | Angel (Buffyverse) | [ profile] wesleynotponcy

alumnus | Los Angeles, California
ex-Watcher | rogue demon hunter | stubble | babynapper
might die. or, might come back to teach
PB is Alexis Denisof
Kennedy | Tara Maclay


university student | Chicago/New York/Paris
in virtually constant communication with [ profile] sciencesalarian
has been in FH for three years
can't not talk about Star Trek
younger than you

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