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Technically, there was still a week and a half before the restrictive early action application was due, but it so happened that on this one occasion, Topher had finished all his work before he was supposed to.

His grades were awesome, his forged letters of recommendation were positively glowing, he was eligible for an interview, and his Stanford-specific essays were... well, the important thing was that they existed. He'd written one of them in programming code. The Common App essay was a little trickier, since they were big on defining moments and most of Topher's sounded like they were straight out of a weird fantasy movie, so he'd written about getting to know Peter. Obviously, he presented the 'hacking super-secure military files' thing in a very positive light and bullshitted the ending, but he thought it sounded plausible enough. Everyone liked a tech genius who helped an innocent peer learn the whereabouts of his war hero brother, right?

So, after drumming his fingers on the desk and looking it over one more time, he hit 'send application.' Then he texted his mom, letting her know she could stop emailing him about getting this done already, please.

[[door and post open! fun fact: the essay-in-programming-code idea is totes stolen from one of my best friends in high school, who totally did that and got accepted.]]


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