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Topher was annoyed.

He had had a Creepy Construction Worker communicator (which in itself was cool) and access to the network that it ran on (which was much cooler), and now he didn't. All thanks to Riley.

Well, mostly thanks to Electroclash, if you wanted to get technical. The point was that Topher didn't think it was his own fault. But he'd wasted his time with the ECHO and hadn't learned much beyond one dumb person's name, which didn't do a lot of good seeing as the supposedly "multiversal" internet seemed pretty determined not to show any results on the good doctor. And he still didn't know what a stupid Vault was, besides the place where Barry Plodder kept all his money in the wizard bank.

He could sketch the communicator from memory, but that wouldn't do a lot of good without access to the network. There was a small chance that he could make his laptop try to reconnect if he constructed something really similar to the ECHO, but that probably wasn't going to happen.

...Definitely wasn't going to happen. Still, sketching the dumb thing was at least more useful than sitting around and sulking next to Broca II, so he sat at his desk with some mechanical pencils and started to do just that.

[[door mostly open, post totally so!]]
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So Topher's room was what one might call 'aggressively unclean' at this point, and the extremely hyper and curious robot puppy running around was probably not helping matters. However, Topher had a very good cleaning strategy to prepare for coding funtimes with Victor: kicking the majority of his stuff under his desk, into the closet, or over towards the other side of the room. It was such a great strategy, he couldn't believe no one had ever thought of it before!

Once that was taken care of, he removed his drawer of inappropriate starches from his closet and placed it beside his desk for optimal snacking, set Broca II the robot puppy on his bed to "nap," and then settled at his desk and began looking up ELIZA applications to play with. Whee, coding!

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Freshly back from what had been, without a doubt, the coolest class ever, Topher was back in his room, playing around with his AI schematics. Yes, strictly speaking, those had been part of a collaborative project with Tony -- or even loosely speaking, really, because the project had been sort of for Tony in the first place -- but come on, could you resist the appeal of poking at artificial intelligence schematics right after having a class taught by someone who was, to all appearances, an actual artificial intelligence?

Didn't think so.

And it wasn't like he was going to actually implement them, or anything. But if he was working on coding a distinctly terrifying personality just to see if he could, then that was totally okay.

Yup. Totally okay.

[[door and post open!]]
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Honestly, if you really considered everything that had gone on this summer, it was kind of surprising that Topher hadn't done this sooner. 

First of all, this summer had been crap, full of people leaving and Topher being evil and oh yeah, more people leaving. Different people. This would've been the perfect stress relief at any of his old schools, where he wouldn't have given it a second thought, but here, where he wasn't even all that likely to get in trouble for it, it was even more appealing. Plus he'd just taken a class that had gone into this kind of stuff, just a little. Or he'd done extra research that hadn't necessarily been encouraged, strictly speaking. Either way: knowledge.

All that, and he'd met someone who liked to play with explosives months ago. How had it taken them even this long?

"Okay," he muttered to his companion see what I did there?. "Think we've scared off all the teal deer?"

[[for one, and then another less-shirt-wearing one! and to be clear, there is not actually going to be dangerous stuff going on; the 'splosives are teeny and will mostly be tossed at rocks and stuff. but people are welcome to overhear from elsewhere if you'd like.]]
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Topher glanced furtively up and down the hall as he reached his room, holding a plastic bag to his chest and hoping no one had seen him. Then, satisfied that he hadn't been spotted, he quickly unlocked the door and slipped inside.

He'd just come from a convenience store, you see, where he'd picked up something that he absolutely never wanted anyone else to see. Ever.

It was a stack of magazines. Specifically, magazines that... technically seemed to be geared to people looking for advice on... kissing and such. Or people looking for glossy pictures of Justin Bieber, but Topher's interest in this matter was strictly the former.

So, like a mature adult, he took his laptop and his stack of magazines and pulled his blankets up over his head, using the light from his laptop as a lamp, then started to read.

And occasionally highlight things. Shut up, okay?

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It was Pi Day. So, naturally, Topher was taking a brief break from spybot upgrades in order to take a quiz online to rattle off as many digits as he could name.

Which then turned into him taking another quiz about what pi actually represented. And then a few more.

And then he was fighting with some people on some forums about it, and yeah, those spybots were just not getting upgraded today. Sorry, Peter.

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