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It wasn't that Topher was nostalgic for high school, because his life was really, really awesome these days. But... he was super nostalgic for high school. Seeing the guys again last night reminded him that he never left his office these days, he didn't really have any friends besides the people he worked with, and he worked in a field that would likely horrify most of his friends from back in the day, even if Billy was the only one he'd told about it.

Don't get him wrong: he didn't have any regrets about what he was doing with his life. Zero regrets. None at all. But before his portal left, he was just going to take a lap around the part of town where he'd most often felt like one of the white hats back in the day. Just because.

When his phone rang -- his ringtone was the meta for Imperial March, and didn't that feel uncomfortably appropriate -- to notify him that the portal back to LA was going to be ready to materialize in ten minutes, he surprised himself by quickly typing out a text to Ivy asking her to reschedule it for an hour or two later, and then sitting down on the ground with his phone in his hand and his back to one of the warehouses that he thought might have been the one he remembered as being Tony's. (It wasn't.)

He just needed a minute.



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