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The hallway was pretty quiet this early in the morning, but not deserted. There were two teenagers in their pajamas standing outside a friend's door, bearing gifts.

They were givers like that. Just exemplary human beings.

No, really.

"Do you think he even does Christmas?" Topher wondered, moving to the side to let Kenzi knock.

The fact that they might be waking him up had nothing to do with anything. Nope. )

[[Preplayed with [info]regretiz4suckas and [info]lockestheway, because timezones suck and we wanted A Very Black Hat Trio Christmas, dammit. NFI, OOC welcome, and all good for broadcast except for the talk of Karla, which is NFB.]]
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In contrast to the past few days, Topher and Kenzi's room was now meticulously clean. This was because many of Topher's robots and wires and such had been thrown away and/or destroyed. KENZI.

There was, however, a fairly complex chain of wires attached to the TV, and three video game controllers set out on the floor. And there was a T-shirted Kenzi in the tub, a pajama-clad Topher who had dragged his mattress onto the floor in front of the TV, and a zombie-killing game on the screen.

Peter was sure to love this arrangement!

[[For the evil overlord and lady! Kenzi modded with permission. Up early for timezones!]]
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Okay, so no, Topher had no interest in doing any community service work at any time when it involved hard work. If it was a matter of sending an email or some money, you could probably nag him enough to do it, but when it was building houses? Not so much.

However, in an attempt to prove he wasn't a total dick keep the friends he already had show his good side once in a while, he did make a conscious effort to do one nice thing today: He had just purchased Kenzi a shirt to replace the one he'd destroyed. He had absolutely no idea if it would fit her, but it was red and looked like it was made from some quality fabric (it was polyester), so he was pretty pleased with himself today.

Obviously this break would be easy and painless. Hey, maybe later he could convince Peter to stop by his room to play video games or something!

[[For she who knows who she is! And then the other she, who also knows. And then I guess open.]]
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Topher was incredibly relieved to get out of the cabin and back into his dorm. Not that his dorm was all that special, or anything -- it was nothing like his room at home, that was for sure -- but it didn't smell quite as bad as the cabin and it had a little more space. Plus he was able to set his tech down on the bed or the dresser without worrying about ants or termites or whatever other bugs were supposed to be running around in the wilderness.

He wasn't a terribly outdoorsy person, no.

So Sunday afternoon found him reaffixing the wires to his various computers that he'd brought with him to the cabins and, once that was all done, placing his dresser precariously on top of the foot of his bed with his laptop on top so that he could watch a movie while laying in bed. Sure, he could do that in the common room, but then he would have to talk to people. This was phenomenally lazy easier.

[[Door and post are open!]]


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